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The Intelligent Sensor Sanitizer is designed to fight against viruses and bacteria. It has Touchless design to avoid viruses or bacteria to spread inside your safety and private place. The sensor is fast reacted, it takes only 0.25 seconds to active when you put your hand or personal belongings over the sensor. The Mist form alcohol or disinfectant particles allow effective sanitizing which basically reach the whole surface of the object. It is USB rechargeable so that customer does not need to worry about the battery. Furthermore, it is Refillable, it also allows freedom on the choice of any preferred liquid disinfectant. 


Touchless Design:

It is designed to avoid spreading of viruses or bacteria from touching, since viruses and bacteria are easy to stick on hand or personal belongings that can spread fast by touching. It helps to ensure your home or working environment are viruses or bacteria free when customers are going to sanitize with our Intelligent Sensor Sanitizer before touching anything.

Fast Reaction:

It allows the whole process to take as least time as possible. We understand that people nowadays may have many personal belongings such as mobile phone, car key, key chain and wallet etc. Customers are not only needed to sanitize their hands, but also all the personal belongings that are frequently used in daily life. It may take a lot of time to sanitize all the stuff with traditional method, the fast reacted design will greatly reducing the time on the whole process.

Effective Sanitizing:

It turns alcohol or disinfectant from liquid form into mist form which allows more effective and larger coverage of the object. Mist is a much smaller particle that can penetrate smaller hole of the surface to give a better sanitizing effect, and it also covers larger area within the same time comparing to liquid. The better sanitizing can ensure effective killing of viruses and bacteria that sticking on the surface of hands and personal belongings, it gives a sense of safe to every user.

USB Rechargeable:

Customers don't need to worry about the battery. It is USB chargeable, user doesn't need to spend time to buy and match the size of the regular battery, just easy plug and charge with normal charger. 


It allows customers to refill any brand of alcohol or preferred disinfectant, it gives the maximum freedom on the choice of disinfectant. As long as the refilled product is in liquid form, the Sanitizer is intelligent enough to turn it into mist to give the best sanitizing effect. It is also designed with easy refill feature. the refilling hole is large enough for users to just pour in the disinfectant directly from the bottle. 

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